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Jay. Early 30s. Genderqueer (female pronouns), pan/poly. Editor, writer, hobby artist. You most likely know me as Lithium Jay or Nomad (Aywas #5672) from pet sites.


I don’t know what to title this, but I need help.

For those of you who don’t know me, I’ve gone by DNA for the past 5+ years or so. I ran the adoptables site, Valenth.com, with my partner Sixar.
I was informed today by my boss that the site hasn’t been making enough money over the past year to survive, and is going to be shutting down on Valentine’s Day. We didn’t have any reason to believe the site wasn’t doing fine aside from occasional downtime and server hiccups.
So, I suddenly don’t have a job anymore, and I just had to make some pretty huge changes in my life due to coeliac disease; it would’ve been rough already, but it’s extra-bad timing.

It’s… unspeakably difficult for me to ask for help like this, but if you can spare anything at all, or even just signal boost this so maybe someone else can find it, I’d be incredibly appreciative.

My paypal is fierna@silentrose.net.
If you do donate, please feel free to include a request, a character reference, or a prompt of some kind (clean, please). Monsters are my specialty, but I can handle people and animals— anything I haven’t drawn before, I’ll sort it out for you.
I’ll do at least a sketch, but maybe bigger things up to and/or including full color illustrations or valenth-style “adoptable” posesheets or paintings. I’ve… got plenty of time on my hands, now.

I don’t know what my plans are at the moment; I’d really like to get Leupak.com up and running and see about getting some sort of commissions/shirts/miscellaneous art and design gig going from there, but… I don’t know.
Full disclosure, I’ve worked for Agoge my entire working life and everything is really huge and uncertain and unfamiliar and scary to me right now.
You can find me here, at Nebuleupak@tumblr (my dedicated creative-stuff blog), or on Furaffinity and Weasyl, both under the name Leupstripes.

Anyhow, thanks for your time. I… think that’s all, really.

I am coming back to reblog this on my old blog to signal boost this shit because it is so fucking important.

I was in tears when I read the news about Valenth - not so much for the loss of an incredible site (Valenth’s world, and lore, and stories, and art, and everything is just stunning and what every pet site should strive for in my humble opinion), but because I have admired and adored and looked up to DNA for years and this news just breaks my heart.

(dammit I’m in tears now about it too).

So please if you can, give a little to an amazing artist and all around fantastic person.

(As a side note, darling, if you are reading this note, I’m now over at taladeryn. I might be able to send you a little somethin’ next week once my paycheck clears the bank.)

New tumblr.


In interest of bettering my mental state, and wanting to leave behind some years of tumblr history in the process, I decided a new blog would be in order. Previously full-of-steel.

My intent is to surround myself with less emotionally draining tumblr content, and focus on creativity, self-education, and beauty, trying to reduce drama and negativity as much as possible in my interactions with others. 

My previous experience with tumblr evolved over the years, but unfortunately with the good came a lot of bad that I simply can’t surround myself with anymore - and rather than spend days sorting through over 700 followed blogs and my own posts and likes, it’s much easier to start fresh.

This blog will be primarily for reblogging things for my own reference and inspiration, and secondarily for personal text blogging. I will have some side accounts set up soon for specific purposes such as my art journal and pet site blogs - in addition to this restart for myself, I’d also like to have specific things funneled into narrow side blogs, rather than have a mish-mash of personal posts, art, photography, and gaming.

I will be particular with who I follow back, in order to keep my dash clear of negativity.


I’ve finally come to a decision: I’m moving. Here’s a note from the “new me.”

Pet site side blogs and an art journal, at the least, will be appearing as side blogs soon enough in the next few days. 

Finished shading, and it’s off to crystal check while I start coloring premades.
Just a note that I will likely be changing blogs in the near future - so if you see these premades advertised by a different name, don’t be surprised! (You’ll be able to recognize me easier, at least.) 

Finished shading, and it’s off to crystal check while I start coloring premades.

Just a note that I will likely be changing blogs in the near future - so if you see these premades advertised by a different name, don’t be surprised! (You’ll be able to recognize me easier, at least.) 

Tumblr is like the autumn crocus:

Beautiful, but toxic.

Look in wonder -

But ingest it, and you’re beyond saving.


 Beautiful Origami Art, Sipho Mabona

Sipho Mabona is a professional origami artist based in Lucerne, Switzerland who was born with a natural gift. At the young age of five, he folded his first paper airplane. In 2000, after having folded planes for fifteen years, destiny called. Mabona ran out of paper airplane designs so he turned to origami in hopes that it would inspire him to come up with something more original.


All right, here’s my contribution to the art tutorial infographic world, part 1 of 2.  I’ve noticed that even in professional illustration, so often the humans and environments and armor and whatnot is really, really great— correct anatomy, lighting, proportions, like ‘wow this is fantastic WAIT what is up with that HORSE?’

I suspect two things;

First is that I spend 15 hours a day, 365 days a year looking, touching, handling, and just generally being around horses.  

Second is that most people do not.  

Artists have lost touch with their connection to horses as contemporary society has lost touch with them.  Generally, we don’t have that constant presence of horses in our lives that previous generations did, as horses aren’t part of the everyday landscape any more.  They don’t work the fields, they don’t cart the goods, they don’t deliver the mail or transport you to the next town down the road.

However, we still see horses all the time— in movies, books, illustration, ads and logos, we are presented with the image of horses all the time.  So we assume ‘yes, I have seen horses often and I know what they look like.’  Because of our exposure, we as artists don’t always feel like we need to heavily reference the animals as if we were drawing something we don’t see everyday (say, like elephants or giraffes or sea cucumbers).  Our brain just kind of plugs in ‘horse shaped’ and we go with that.

And I suspect that ends up being where a lot of these common mistakes occur.  Dogs are familiar, but we can easily find a dog to draw from live, to see the way the shapes of its face are put together in 3-dimensions.  Cats, humans, birds… if we venture just a little ways outside our studios (or in some cases, inside), we can find live models to study easily.  

You can’t really do that with horses.  They’re a commodity, sequestered away behind fences on private farms and shuttered away in barns.   So few people really get the chance to be up close and have that hands-on experience to really learn how a horse is put together.

So here’s some things, based on my own experience both drawing and working with horses, that might help you if you find yourself needing to draw one for yourself.

The approach I took might be more complicated than absolutely necessary, but I tried to present the subject of ‘how to draw horses’ a little differently than I’ve seen it done before.  I hope someone finds it understandable, and more importantly, helpful!

If you share this, please don’t delete my commentary about it above. Thanks :3